Locum tenens assignments offer physicians and advanced practitioners at any career stage a unique blend of work-life balance, diverse experiences, and the ability to make a significant impact on communities in need of healthcare. However, many questions may come to mind for those looking to transition their careers in medicine to locum tenens, so we've put together answers to five of the most common questions new locum tenens ask.

1.) Do I Have a Choice in My Location?

Absolutely! One of the many benefits of locum tenens assignments is the ability to choose where you practice. Locum assignments are available nationwide, granting you the opportunity to stay close to home and enjoy the additional benefits of locum work or travel to places you've always wanted while making an impact in ensuring communities have access to care. In addition, when you partner with Medicus Healthcare Solutions, we arrange and cover your travel and lodging expenses for you!

2.) How Does Locum Tenens Compensation Work?

As a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner, your compensation differs from traditional employment. Known as a 1099 contractor, you're paid on an hourly or daily basis, depending on your contract. The rate you are paid depends on factors such as your specialty, location, and duration of the assignment. As a locum tenens with Medicus, our streamlined MedicusIQ App enables you to easily submit timesheets, overtime, and reimbursements all in one place and receive timely payment via direct deposit. This seamless process enables you to concentrate solely on patient care.

3.) Can I Work Locum Tenens on the Side and Keep My Full-Time Position?

Yes! Working locum tenens on the side while maintaining a full-time position can be a great way to diversify your experience and income. It allows you to take on additional shifts or assignments during your free time without committing to a permanent change in your employment status. This flexibility can be especially beneficial for physicians or advanced practitioners looking to gain experience in different clinical settings or simply wanting to supplement their income. By working with a reputable locum tenens staffing agency like Medicus, we can help find you opportunities that fit your schedule and preferences.

4.) Can I Choose to Work Locum Tenens Full-Time?

Of course! Despite the temporary nature of locum tenens assignments, there are consistent locum opportunities available nationwide. Working as a full-time locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner can offer a unique opportunity to explore different healthcare settings, work with diverse patient populations, and travel to new locations. In addition, many locum tenens physicians find that they have more control over their schedules and can avoid the administrative burdens that come with traditional permanent positions or maintain the overhead of their own private practice. Additionally, locum tenens work often provides competitive compensation and benefits, making it a viable option for those looking for a flexible and rewarding medical career.

5.) How Does Licensing and Credentialing Work?

Just like a standard permanent position, you are required to be licensed in each state in which you practice. Thankfully, the IMLC was created and simplifies the licensure process, enabling eligible physicians to obtain licenses in multiple participating states. As a partner with Medicus, our credentialing team does most of the work on your behalf by acting as the liaison between you and the medical staff offices, ensuring medical staff offices have the necessary documentation and verifications, and confirming all paperwork has been completed correctly.

Why Partner with Medicus?

When you partner with Medicus Healthcare Solutions, you get a team of dedicated industry professionals committed to your success. From the start of your assignment to the end, your Medicus team will be there to help you. We provide you with all the necessary information and support and are available to assist you with anything you may need during your assignment. Our dedicated industry professionals are committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that you have a positive and successful experience during your locum assignment. To learn more about locum tenens assignments and what it is like to work with us here at Medicus, visit our Locum Tenens 101 Guide.


View the complete Locum Tenens 101 Guide

Locum Tenens 101 Guide

View the complete Locum Tenens 101 Guide