Each day, locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners make a profound and transformative impact at hospitals and healthcare facilities they support. Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners allow facilities to effectively navigate staffing shortages while maintaining high standards of patient care.

Currently, over 52,000 locum tenens providers care for 7.5 million Americans every day in the United States. In addition, more than 50,000 physicians (over 5% of all doctors) work locum tenens assignments annually, and 90% of US healthcare facilities use locum tenens physicians every year!

As we celebrate National Locum Tenens Week, we're proud to highlight a few remarkable contributions Medicus locum tenens have made within the healthcare facilities and communities they support.

From Hesitation to Heroism: How Medicus Revolutionized Emergency Care at an Indiana Hospital

A hospital in Indiana was hesitant to use locum tenens providers but faced critical staffing gaps and needed a solution. Medicus delivered the first ever locum tenens physician to work at their hospital. A patient had a massive heart attack within an hour of the locum tenens physician's first shift.

With a sense of urgency hanging heavy in the air, the Medicus locum tenens physician's swift and composed response was remarkable. Guiding the medical team, the physician did precisely what was needed to save the patient's life. The staff called Medicus and thanked the team for sending a top-quality physician to their hospital, expressing, "Not many people are this quick thinking and calm during an emergency."

Our Medicus emergency medicine locum tenens physician went on to locum at the hospital for four years and then joined the hospital as a permanent physician.

The Right Place at the Right Time: A Medicus Locum Tenens Physician's Life-Saving Impact

In response to a critical staffing shortage, a Medicus critical care locum tenens physician stepped in to assist a North Carolina hospital. During his shift, a patient arrived in critical condition. With unwavering determination, the locum tenens physician harnessed his skills and expertise to fight for the patient's life... and saved the patient.

As the patient embarked on the path to recovery, her daughter's voice echoed her family's profound gratitude towards the Medicus locum tenens physician. Amid a trying period for both mother and daughter, his medical expertise and compassionate demeanor left an indelible mark.

Months later, the locum tenens physician received a card in the mail from his patient's daughter illustrating the impact the locum tenens physician had. The note read, "There are no accidents; you were meant to be there when we needed you most. I truly believe that your treatment saved her life; thank you for giving me more time with her. I'll never forget you!".

Anxiety Eased: A Patient's Praise for Outstanding Anesthesiologist Care

At a hospital in Oklahoma, a patient was preparing for hand surgery, feeling quite anxious and scared about being put under. Thankfully, the Medicus locum tenens anesthesiologist's bedside manner, and clear explanations of the procedure alleviated some of the patient's fear and anxiety.

The patient expressed, "I want to share my appreciation for your locum tenens anesthesiologist; if I ever have to be put under anesthesia again, I'd want this locum anesthesiologist to be the one to do it. I want you all to know that as a patient, I think your locum anesthesiologist is one of the best!".

Elevating Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU Care: Medicus Locum Tenens Practitioner Leads the Way

During a period of high patient demand, a Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (PCVICU) faced the departure of two full-time advanced practitioners. Medicus swiftly provided a team of skilled pediatric advanced practitioners, enriching the program with diverse experiences and fostering professionalism, continuous learning, and improvement. The leadership team shared, "They were the right people that demonstrated professionalism to our team.".

Among them, a Medicus locum tenens cardiovascular nurse practitioner stood out and was nominated for the One Team Values Award by a nurse who worked at the hospital. Recognized for a positive attitude, attention to detail, and attentive listening, the Medicus locum brought fresh professionalism to the PCVICU team. In a field where decisions are life-changing, her contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Nevada's Burn Unit Rescue: Medicus Locum Tenens Surgeons Bring Relief in the Heat

Nevada's scorching summer posed an unforeseen challenge for a major burn unit. With patient cases surging amidst the blistering season, unexpectedly, one of the only two experienced burn surgeons at the unit made an abrupt exit. The remaining surgeon was left to work alone every day for three months.

Faced with the urgent need for an additional burn surgeon, the physician contacted Medicus, seeking swift assistance in securing a qualified replacement. Medicus delivered two locum tenens surgeons who alleviated the strain on the exhausted permanent physician while ensuring uninterrupted, top-tier burn care. The permanent surgeon expressed gratitude, emphasizing, "Without the support of the two Medicus locums, I wasn't quite sure what I would have done.".

As the summer drew to a close, the burn unit stood stronger than ever. The locum tenens burn surgeons helped distressed patients find comfort and reassurance. The community will be forever grateful for the support and expertise of the Medicus locum tenens surgeons, who truly made a difference in the lives of those they cared for.

Closing the Gap: Medicus Locum Radiologist Fills Critical Role in California Hospital

In 2021, a distinguished hospital in California collaborated with Medicus to address a critical staffing gap in their radiology department. Within 30 days, Medicus delivered a qualified radiologist that seamlessly integrated into the employed team. The locum radiologist was dedicated to the program and the community, quickly leading to hospital leadership extending his contract until 2025.

In the past two years, hospital leadership has shared nothing but glowing feedback for his work ethic and dedication. Whether working on-site or remotely, he provides each patient with personalized care. Hospital leadership expressed, "He has become a true partner and an invaluable asset to our team!".

Medicus thanks all of our locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners for making a lasting impact on the lives of so many people! We wish you all a Happy Locum Tenens Week!

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