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Rewards of Working Locum Tenens in Rural Communities

Currently, there is a heightened demand for physicians in rural areas. This issue is projected to get worse in the future, and rural hospitals are relying on locum tenens physicians to fill the significant gaps in patient care. 

This situation creates great opportunities for physicians interested in working locum tenens. If you are interested in practicing in a rural area, there are a number of benefits to trying out this practice experience. 

1. You are really helping people. In many cases, underserved patients in smaller communities have to drive hundreds of miles for care. While about a fifth of Americans live in rural areas, only a tenth of doctors practice there. People living in rural areas are deeply affected by the physician shortage, and you would be making a difference in their lives by practicing in these areas.

2. Quality of life. Stress levels decrease in rural areas for a number of reasons. There is more physical and natural space, lower noise levels and traffic, and a greater sense of community. In addition to the benefits of practicing in a rural area, these areas are excellent places to take a family and to spend time closer to nature.

3. Community status. Physicians are especially well-regarded in smaller communities. People appreciate and are loyal to doctors in these areas, and these social benefits shouldn’t be undervalued when considering the pros and cons of a locums assignment.

4. Developing skills. Because there aren’t a large number of physician specialists in rural areas, doctors from small communities usually handle a wider range of cases on their own. This is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and increase your proficiency, adaptability, and confidence in practice areas where you might not otherwise get experience.

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