Locum tenens assignments offer physicians and advanced practitioners the opportunity to practice in a wide variety of locations. At Medicus, we have exclusive locum tenens assignments nationwide, enabling you to make an impact in places you've always wanted to check off your bucket list. One of the top locations we see having the highest demand is our neighbor state, Massachusetts. Known for its rich history, prestigious academic institutions, and innovative healthcare landscape, Massachusetts offers a wide array of enticing opportunities for locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners seeking rewarding assignments.

Chart Your Course: Medicus Locum Tenens Work in Massachusetts 

Massachusetts offers physicians and advanced practitioners professional growth opportunities, diverse patient experiences, and access to innovative healthcare resources. Here are the top three reasons you should work locum tenens assignments in Massachusetts.

1. Make a Difference and Help Address the Massachusetts Physician Shortage:

As the United States faces a projected shortage of up to 86,000 physicians by 2036, the demand for medical care continues to escalate, exacerbated by an aging population and physician retirements. Health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) are areas where there are 3,500 or more patients for every provider. In Massachusetts, 11 out of 14 counties are HPSA areas, specifically in primary care, with a projected shortage of 725 primary care providers as early as 2030.

Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners have the ability to make an impact in these shortage areas. By stepping into these roles, locum tenens play a vital role in bridging the gap in healthcare delivery and ensuring access to quality care for patients across the state. This is especially crucial in Massachusetts, where 32.1% of physicians are within retirement age, and 27% reported the intention to leave medicine by 2026.

2. Impactful Practice Opportunities:

Massachusetts, home to renowned teaching hospitals and named number 3 in the nation for best healthcare, presents an unparalleled platform for locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioner opportunities.

Home to 15 teaching hospitals, physicians and advanced practitioners have the chance to be at the forefront of treating complex medical conditions and developing and implementing new medical procedures and technologies. In addition, working in teaching hospitals offers unique advantages such as access to advanced resources, opportunities for continuing education, networking opportunities, exposure to diverse cases, leadership opportunities, and overall personal fulfillment in making a significant impact on patient care and medical education.

Work Massachusetts locum tenens assignments and have the opportunity to contribute to the education and mentorship of the next generation of physicians and advanced practitioners.

3. Exceptional Lifestyle Benefits:

Beyond the professional advantages, Massachusetts offers a lifestyle that's hard to beat as a locum tenens. From the vibrant culture of Boston to the scenic beauty of Cape Cod and everywhere in between, the state provides a rich tapestry of experiences to enjoy during your time off. With excellent public transportation and proximity to other major East Coast cities, exploring the region has never been easier. Whether you're drawn to outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, or culinary delights, Massachusetts locum tenens jobs offer something for all physicians and advanced practitioners.

Partnering With Medicus Locum Tenens

At Medicus, we're committed to connecting physicians and advanced practitioners with rewarding locum tenens opportunities in Massachusetts and beyond. With exclusive partnerships with healthcare facilities across the state, spanning all specialties, we offer a diverse range of assignments to suit your preferences and career goals. If you're ready to embark on a fulfilling locum tenens journey in Massachusetts, explore our open job board here. 

Don't currently hold a medical license in Massachusetts? The Medicus licensing team can expedite the locum tenens license Massachusetts process for you. Learn more about the physician licensure application fees and timelines by state requirements here.