There’s no better time to spotlight the important and rewarding locum tenens lifestyle. You can choose to work locum tenens as your full-time career or in addition to your permanent job. More medical professions are turning to the locum tenens life and are experiencing the benefits. 

Dr. Melinda shared, “I like locums for several reasons: 1. It gives you the flexibility to try new locations for a fit before you sign on permanently. 2. It gives you a chance to go somewhere different for a week or two and cover a vacation or someone’s time off. 3. It’s a great way to make a little side income. I have been doing locums work for about five years and plan to continue. I enjoy it very much.”  

Here are the top reasons (ranked by Medicus and our locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners) that you should consider a locum tenens career:

Earn additional income

“Working locums has allowed me to no longer be dependent on just one source of income.” said Dr. John. If you are looking to earn additional income to pay off medical school, purchase a new home, or continue saving, locum tenens can help you do just that. The flexible nature of locum tenens work allows you to work a full-time permanent job and pick up shifts on the side.  You’re committed only to the opportunities you accept, so you can be selective and ensure that it’s the right fit.  

Focus on patients, not paperwork

Many physicians and advanced practitioners link daily paperwork and non-clinical tasks to burnout. Dr. Eric shared, “My favorite part of locum tenens is being able to focus on the aspects of professionalism as it relates to clinical care and not administrative duties. I enjoy working hard for a week and having a few weeks off to follow.” As a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner, you can skip the paperwork, meetings, and administrative task and spend more time doing what you love — practicing medicine and treating patients.

The ultimate work-life balance

It can be hard to achieve, but as a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner, it’s easy. You make your own schedule which allows you to put important events in your life first. Locum tenens jobs even allow you to find an assignment in the city of your next big event – save on travel costs and celebrate with your loved ones. 

Embrace your inner tourist

Travel to destinations you’ve always wanted to visit, experience new clinical settings, and help communities who are in need of care. “I get to see new places and learn new techniques through my work as a locum tenens provider,” said Dr. Joseph.  

When practicing across state lines, it is important to keep in mind that licensure timelines and fees vary. When you work with Medicus, we facilitate the licensing, credentialing, and travel process for you so you can easily embrace your inner tourist – stress fee.   

Locum tenens lets you control your schedule while still earning comparable or increased pay. To learn how we can help you, reach out to a knowledgeable Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter today.