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4 Reasons Being a Recruiter Rocks

4-reasons-recruiterPerhaps you’re a recent grad looking for an opportunity with a decent starting salary and excellent earning potential. Or maybe you would like to move on from your current job, but aren’t sure what you want to do next. Then again, you could be seeking a “second act” career that’s as lucrative as it is rewarding.

To further your search, you may be monitoring job postings or posts on your social media accounts. You have probably asked your friends and family to keep their feelers out, too, and let you know if they hear of any good positions. And you may have enlisted the help of a recruiter as well … but have you ever considered becoming one?

If you are organized, highly motivated, and just plain good at making things happen, a career in staffing and recruiting could be what you’ve been looking for. Here are just a few of the things you could enjoy as a recruiter:

  1. Get paid while you train. More often than not, previous experience as a recruiter is not required. Respected staffing companies know your worth and want to invest in you. They will provide training on everything from software to industry-specific issues, educate new employees on company culture, and offer ample support and tools for success.
  1. Be the CEO of your desk. As a recruiter, you would be responsible for prospecting, qualifying, and generating leads. You would build and maintain a well-qualified talent pipeline and have a lot of freedom in how you manage your job. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but are not interested in launching your own business, this profession could be ideal for you. Candidates line up to work with recruiters who are driven, operate with integrity, and deliver excellent customer service. They also refer their peers, family members, and friends to them.
  1. Really help people. You would be a matchmaker of sorts, connecting jobseekers—not unlike yourself—with opportunities at various organizations. As a recruiter, you’d have the ability to help others find their dream jobs. Moreover, you could introduce people to opportunities they might have missed, if not for your recommendations and insight, and that is a pretty big deal. Yet candidates are not the only ones who would benefit from your diligence and commitment to excellence. Clients—and their customers—would also win because you would be helping them fill open positions, which, in turn, would assist them in providing better service.
  1. Earn a competitive salary. At many staffing firms, recruiters receive a base salary plus commissions. After building a solid pipeline, you could enjoy an extremely comfortable living. In fact, in some industries, it is not unheard of for recruiters who have invested the time to build relationships with candidates and clients to earn six figures a year. These professionals are at the top of their fields. They work hard to become well-versed in their industries and always go above and beyond to deliver impeccable, second-to-none service. (Some “A-list” go-getters can earn as much—or more than—C-level executives!)

It’s all about growth

If you have been actively looking for work for a while, you may have noticed—and wondered why—some companies regularly run job postings for recruiters. We can put an end to your curiosity with a single word: growth.

As an analysis prepared by the American Staffing Association last year conveys, staffing employment growth continues to outpace the economy. Therefore, agencies in need of recruiters are always on the hunt for enthusiastic, quality individuals to join their teams.

For instance, at the beginning of the year, Medicus Healthcare Solutions had roughly 200 employees—nearly six times the number of people working at the company 10 years ago. We hope to end 2016 with approximately 300 employees and plan to add another 100 people to the payroll by the end of next year.

If you are interested in learning more about recruiting or other professional opportunities in staffing, please visit our Careers Page or call 855-301-0536.

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