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7 Websites Every Healthcare Administrator Should Use

As the individual who plans and oversees your healthcare organization’s services, you are responsible for managing business practices, such as conducting budget and compensation assessments, overseeing policy development, and implementing marketing strategies. In addition, you have oversight of your facility’s clinical operations, ranging from hiring and scheduling staff members to coordinating locum tenens staffing services when needed.

To perform your duties, you must have exceptional communication and customer service skills, finance and accounting expertise, and the capacity to make important decisions—sometimes on little notice.

What’s more, you and your fellow administrators have to stay abreast of the latest advances in healthcare, technology, and legislation that can impact providers, patients, and the organization as a whole. To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of excellent websites (including one for your assistant) with helpful resources and tools, as well as news and trends.

  1. American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). The publisher of Healthcare Executive, Journal of Healthcare Management, and Frontiers of Health Services Management offers information for hospital administrators and other decision makers in healthcare. Its website boasts numerous resources and timely information for members and nonmembers alike. For instance, on September 6, from 3 to 4 p.m. ET—and in partnership with IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute—ACHE will present a free webcast for healthcare leaders regarding the development of best practices for building and sustaining cultures of safety.
  2. Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals (AHCAP). The AHCAP website is geared to administrative professionals who support healthcare leaders. Though it contains in-depth members-only resources, from webinars to a discussion forum, anyone who visits the site can go to its webinar archives and click on a title—such as “The Busy Assistant’s Guide to Health and Wellness” and “Turning the Tables on Conflict”—to review a recorded session.
  3. National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL). A non-governmental organization, NCHL was formed to pursue excellence in leadership development in health and healthcare systems, as well as degree programs associated with healthcare management. Its site houses a wealth of useful information, from presentations and publications, to initiatives and research, to developments and solutions. In addition, NCHL coordinates regular events throughout the year. Those who join the organization gain members-only access to further resources.
  4. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA offers a website that features news and announcements, legislative updates, statistics, and other data meaningful to hospital administrators and senior-level healthcare professionals. Those who visit the site can find specifics on a number of funded programs, such as those focused on increasing rural communities’ access to care.
  5. Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC). A partnership of executives across the medical disciplines that comprise our nation’s healthcare, HLC is a channel through which leaders convene to develop policies, plans, and programs with the goal of making quality care affordable and available to every American. Check out its online newsroom for the latest on political matters, briefs, surveys, and news important to healthcare executives. HLC’s site also provides valuable information on key issues and regional advocacy.
  6. Journal of Healthcare Leadership. An international, peer-reviewed, open-access publication, the journal focuses on leadership for the healthcare professions, and works to unite current and future healthcare professionals and managers by providing significant insights into leadership progress and challenges to improve patient care. Anyone can download articles gratis from the Dove Press website. Administrators who would like to publish a paper in the Journal of Healthcare Leadership can find aims and scope, author guidelines, and more on the website.
  7. Medicus Healthcare Solutions. The company has provided locum tenens staffing and permanent placement services to hospitals, health systems, practices, clinics, and other facilities since 2004. Realizing that project and resource management, consulting, and transition services could benefit leadership at healthcare organizations as well, Medicus introduced these offerings subsequent to its launch. Detailed information on these services, as well as informative case studies and blog posts, can be found on the website.

To learn how Medicus Healthcare Solutions can help your healthcare organization, call 855-301-0563 to speak with an experienced business development executive today.

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