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C-Suite Monitor – Q1 | 2018

A Newsletter Dedicated to Providing Innovative Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Leaders.

Vital News – Q1 | 2018

A Newsletter for Physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs Interested in or Currently Practicing Locum Tenens.

3 Areas in Healthcare Where AI Could Cut Administrative Costs

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) was coined in 1956 by a computer scientist who was part of the first academic conference on the subject. Still, while it has been around for decades, the phrase—along with “machine learning” (ML), an approach used to achieve AI—has permeated many aspects of everyday life in recent years. Voice-enabled devices such as Amazon’s Echo, email spam filters, and mobile check deposits are just a few examples of the way this technology has changed our world.

Epicurean Adventures for Locum Tenens Providers in North Carolina

In addition to working and living like a local when traveling to new places for locum tenens jobs, you can eat like one, too. After all, regions, cities, and small towns have their own distinct flavor and fare. While on assignment, you may find new ingredients at a farmer’s market to experiment with or sample a coworker’s recipe that has been passed down in the community for generations. Of course, you also are apt to hear about popular neighborhood haunts and unique experiences to please the palate and other senses.

How Medical Practices Can Increase Patient Referrals

Developing a strategy to foster referrals is one of the best approaches for growing your patient base. In addition, it is typically one of the least expensive, most manageable things you can do to promote your practice. Read on for several suggestions that can help you gain new patients with a little assistance from those you currently treat.

3 Sets of Questions to Ask Before Working Locum Tenens

If you are contemplating locum tenens practice, undoubtedly, you want to know what you could anticipate from a reputable staffing company and knowledgeable recruiter, in terms of opportunities as well as support. In addition, you want to learn about the obligations and expectations of individual assignments that would be presented for your consideration.

National Doctors’ Day 2018

Medicus Healthcare Solutions wishes a happy National Doctors’ Day to physicians across the United States! We appreciate your dedication to the delivery of quality patient care and your contributions to individual lives and communities. Although we applaud your commitments and achievements year-round, we are especially thankful for the opportunity to pay tribute to you on this momentous occasion.

Why Hospitals, Practices, and Clinics Need Advanced Practitioner Locums

Perhaps you would like to scale your practice but are not in a position to bring on another full-time physician. Then again, if your healthcare organization is situated in a popular destination for warm-weather pursuits, you may be looking for a cost-effective approach to address the rise in census your facility experiences in the summer. In either case, have you considered including locum tenens advanced practitioners in your staffing strategy?

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