22 LinkedIn Pages to Follow in 2022

January 18, 2022
Expand your professional network and keep up with the latest industry trends with our top 22 LinkedIn pages to follow in 2022.

4 Perks of Working Both Permanent and Locum Tenens Positions

January 05, 2022
Learn a few benefits of concurrently working permanent and locum tenens positions.

4 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy this Flu Season

November 10, 2021
Whether you’re traveling on a locum assignment or staying local this season, here are some tips to help boost your immunity.  

Tips on how to Balance a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling on Locum Tenens Assignments

July 28, 2021
Are you looking for new ways to unwind while traveling for locum assignments? Here are a few tips we've compiled to easily implement.

Achieving Work-Life Balance by Working Locum Tenens 

July 01, 2021
Working locums can provide harmony in both work and life. Here are ways to achieve work-life balance while working as a locum tenens provider

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

April 27, 2021
Stress can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. Here are ten tips you can add to your toolkit when combating stress.

7 Helpful Tips to Make Your Tax Day Stress-Free

April 15, 2021
Tax Day is only a month away but now is the perfect time to get started! These tips can help simplify the process for locum tenens providers.

Provider Feature: Michael, CRNA

January 28, 2021
In celebration of National CRNA Week, we wanted to share Michael's locum tenens story and his dream of becoming a CRNA.

Physician Feature: Dr. S

October 15, 2019
Locums allows me to focus on what’s important and what I love to do. Once I decided to practice locum tenens full time, it was like a storm of opportunity.

5 Reasons You Should Work Perm and Locum Tenens in Tandem

February 05, 2019
Moonlighting as an independent contractor while you have a regular medical position can be good for your career and community, not to mention your freedom.

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