Ensuring Stability and Success Amid Unexpected Turnover: How the Medicus Transition Program Transformed a NYC Health System’s OB-GYN Department

July 15, 2024
Uncover how the Medicus Transition Program helped a health system stabilize its labor and delivery unit by building out a full and separate OB hospitalist team.

Radiology Staffing Transformation: How Medicus Ensured Continuity Of Care and Improved Efficiency at a Massachusetts Hospital

June 09, 2024
Discover how Medicus helped a Massachusetts hospital overcome radiology staffing shortages, ensuring continuity of care and efficiency.

Revitalizing Pediatric Anesthesia Care: The Medicus Transition Program’s Impact on a Florida Children’s Hospital

May 31, 2024
Explore how The Medicus Transition Program helped rebuild and revitalize a Flordia Children's Hospital's Level-1 pediatric trauma facility's pediatric anesthesia service line!

Reviving Surgical Services: A Successful Anesthesiology Transition from Outsourced to Employed at a Prominent Las Vegas Hospital

March 10, 2024
Uncover how the Medicus Transition Program delivered a team of locum anesthesiologists in 45 days to a hospital in Las Vegas facing critical anesthesia staffing shortages in our latest case study!

Unexpected Gastroenterology Turnover: Ensuring Uninterrupted Access to Quality Care

February 18, 2024
Learn how a prominent hospital in Massachusetts overcame an unexpected gastroenterology staffing shortage by enlisting the Medicus Transition Program. Download the case study to discover how they ensured uninterrupted access to quality GI care.

How Medicus Enabled a Seamless Radiology Transition and Elevated Quality of Care at a Massachusetts Hospital

November 09, 2023
A hospital in Massachusetts faced radiology staffing shortages due to their outsourced radiology groups inability to adequately staff the radiology department.

Bridging Coverage Gaps and Cultivating Collaborative Emergency Medicine Partnerships

October 29, 2023
Discover how Medicus filled staffing gaps left by an outsourced emergency medicine group in IN, ensuring seamless ER care with locum tenens providers.

Bridging Staffing Gaps And Ensuring Continuity Of Care In A Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU

September 14, 2023
During heightened patient volumes a hospital in IN PCVICU faced the departure of 2 advanced practitioners. Medicus provided locum tenens to ensure continuous care.

Rebuilding and Revitalizing: Medicus Transforms Urology Program Amidst Critical Staffing Gaps

August 03, 2023
During peak patient volumes, a CT hospital lacked 3 urologists, turning patients away. Medicus provided locum tenens urologists, ensuring care continuity.

Health System Acquires Physician Group - Nearly Half of the Anesthesiologists Leave

April 18, 2023
A health system in Indiana acquired an independent physician group that was staffing their anesthesia programs. During the merger, nearly half of the providers from the group retired or left for new jobs.

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